Rep. James E. Clyburn (D-SC-6)


02/08/19             Introduced in the House

02/22/19             Reported and Amended by the House Judiciary Committee (H. Rept. 116-12)

02/28/19             Passed/agreed to in House (Yeas 228 – Nays 198)

03/05/19             Read and placed on Senate Legislative Calendar

About the Bill: HR1112

HR1112 would “strengthen the background check procedures federal firearms licensees and dealers must follow before selling or transferring a firearm” by amending Chapter 44 of Title 18. 

Specifically, HR1112 would require that the three-day default sales loophole be amended. Under HR1112 a minimum of 10 days after initiating background checks to the NICS, the licensed dealer may petition NICS for completion of sale. In this petition, the dealer must certify that there is “no reason to believe that such other person is prohibited by Federal, State or local law from purchasing or possessing a firearm”.  A default sale may proceed if there is no response from NICS a minimum of 10 days after submission of the petition.

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