GrAS was originally created as an archive and forum for essays, reports and other academic writings while a Graduate student at Northern Arizona University.  The university offered Graduate studies in “Visions of Good and Sustainable Societies”.  This program offered the opportunity for continued liberal studies into environmental, social, and political issues.   In 2007, I began posting many of those writings, as well as news and essays on a blog, Sustainably Green.


My studies considered that “good and sustainable society” cannot exist without “good and sustainable people”.  This was supported by issues of inadequate addiction treatment, and ineffective, punitive drug legislation.  Therefore, I concluded that a good and sustainable society necessarily requires health care.  More importantly, there must be equal and affordable access to health care that must necessarily include drug addiction treatment.   Additionally, it is generally agreed that significant changes must be made to the U.S. federal drug laws. 

As a Graduate Student, I was involved with several related non-profit organizations (including NAMA, aka the National Alliance of Medication Assisted Recovery) to support passage of the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000. DATA 2000 ushered in a new paradigm of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), including physician addiction treatment waivers and buprenorphine (see SAMHSA).  The effort also brought awareness to the over-dose reversing drug naloxone (Narcan), which then became widely available.  Naloxone has since saved many lives

GrAS also seeks to define government and pseudo-government actions as they relate to social sustainability.