Cattails Homeowners Association Owners Group

The Cattails Owners Group exists to provide information and accountability to the Cattails Homeowners Association in Houston, Texas. Find links to documents, notices and information about the Cattails Homeowners Association in Houston. Please join us in our efforts to create and maintain a better community! You can contact us at

Cattails Homeowners Association

The Cattails Homeowners Association is a non-profit organization that was created in 1980 for the purpose of managing the Fondren Southwest Tempos (Cattails) Townhome Complex. Cattails Townhomes are located in Southwest Houston in the 77035 zip code. All Cattails Townhome homeowners are voting members of the Cattails Homeowners Association.


The Board of Directors is elected by popular vote of the members. Board members are elected at the Annual Meeting. Homeowners who attend, provide absentee or proxy ballots may vote. The Annual Meeting is usually held the first week of December every year. A candidate prevails if they obtain a simple majority of those members who have cast ballots. Click here for more information on the current Cattails Homeowners Association Board Members.

Marshall Management Group, Inc., is the contracted for-profit management Group. Marshall Management Group, Inc. has no BBB rating. Sonya Brown-Marshall, the contracted Property Manager for Cattails Townhomes, is the Owner, Principal, and CEO of Marshall Management Group, Inc. Cattails Homeowners Association pays a monthly fee from collected HOA fees for these management services.



The Articles of Incorporation for Cattails Homeowners Association was filed with the Texas Secretary of State on March 11, 1980. The Articles of Incorporation:

  1. Create the name, corporate status and duration of the organization.
  2. List the Purpose and Powers of the corporation.
  3. Defines Membership and Voting Powers
  4. Determines the number of members that may be on the Board of Directors, their length of term, and lists the names of the initial Board of Directors.
  5. States the process for dissolution of the Association.
  6. Sets forth the Amendment process.