Democracy is a political system of government created by the consent and will of the governed.

Democratic institutions are created by the consent and will of the people for the protection of life, property and freedom.  When these governing bodies fail to work in the people’s interests, they can be dissolved through that same consent and will.

From the Federal government to local municipalities and non-government ruling bodies, we, the governed, put our leaders into power through fair and open elections.    The most common and peaceful mechanism for dissolving and replacing an untenable government body is through ELECTIONS.  Voting is the mechanism by which we give consent to be governed.

The Green Association for Sustainability seeks to examine the history, motivation and process behind replacing national and local government as well as non-government elected bodies, such as property owners’ associations, that no longer represent the people that elected them.

Green Association for Sustainability  (GrAS) 

EXAMINES social contracts and civil rights in a free society;

DEFINES the terms of our social and political systems;

PROMOTES the paradigms of a liberal democracy.


The Green Ink Chronicles

Cattails Homeowners Association

116th Federal Congress

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